Screens: Before & After

The world of golf simulators is changing all the time. Many golf simulators now offer the option to simulate other sports such as soccer and hockey, making the setup more versatile and appealing to a wider audience.

And now simulators are increasingly integrated with home entertainment systems, allowing users to watch movies or play video games on the same setup.

One of the most important components of your setup, and the one that will get the most wear and tear is the screen. We recently won the contract to replace the screens in all of the McGuirkes shops. Here’s our latest update which perfectly demonstrates the impact a good screen makes.

At 4m high by 6m wide, this was a physical challenge! Almost the size of a cinema screen but there’s no job too tough for us! Here’s the before picture:

As you can see this screen has:
Visible Wear and Tear: Holes, tears, or fraying edges are clear indicators that the screen’s integrity is compromised.
Stretched or Loose Material: Over time, the screen may lose its tautness, resulting in a loose or saggy appearance that affects the overall performance and experience.
Persistent Marks or Stains: Permanent marks or stains that can’t be cleaned off may not only affect visibility but also suggest that the screen material is deteriorating.

Which leads to:
Loss of Image Quality: If the projected image becomes blurry, discoloured, or less vibrant, it could indicate that the screen material is worn out.
Reduced Ball Performance: When the screen fails to absorb the impact properly, causing the ball to bounce back too much or the screen to stretch excessively, it’s a sign that the screen material has degraded.
Excessive Noise: If hitting the ball against the screen starts to produce unusual or louder sounds, it may indicate material fatigue or damage.

And here’s the new screen, our sim sports GTS ultra material is purpose built for golf ball impact. With custom design and bungee tensioned fit we ensure that the screen maintains its shape with little or no sagging and you won’t get holes in the bottom of the screen caused by high ball speed off driver hits and fitting sessions.

Don’t learn the hard way, come to the experts! (Top tip: don’t fit your screen with cable ties!)



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