Golf simulators – Size matters

Now that darker and colder evenings lie ahead, you’re probably thinking about getting a home simulator. The most common question we get are regarding the space required to house our simulators.

We have installed dozens of simulators into many different types of rooms, not one of which has been the same size. We custom all our simulators to clients requirements and the space they have available and what option best suits and the overall look they are hoping to achieve. While there is no right or wrong, there are some recommended or ideal spaces, particularly if you are building or renovating a dedicated room in your house or garden which we are seeing more of, particularly over the past 18 months.

Height is the most important thing, not so much for the simulator or the screen, we can custom any size, but for the users swing, particularly with driver and even more so if they are tall.

10ft or 3 meters is recommended,

9ft 6 or 2.9 meters is ok and

9ft or 2.8 meters is bare minimum.


Width is next on the list. Ideally you want to hit from a center point 

into the center of the screen. for this you need 4.5 meters wide as you don’t want to catch the wall behind you with back-swing or follow-through. For this you need 2.2m either side of the hitting point to swing freely and uninhibited. However, if the width is less than that, fear not, you can go off center with all of our simulators.

To achieve this you will need to offset and align your center target line over to the right of the screen (left side if your left handed, obviously), you just need to make sure you have that crucial 2.2m space behind you.

Here’s an example of a 3 meter width room where you can see the hitting mat is set up to favour the right hand side of the enclosure, in this instance. So all is not lost!

Length is probably the easiest one to deal with. Whether you go for an SQ screen or enclosure or Stealth screen (see our blog on those options) your screen is starting 1 foot or 300mm from the back wall. After that you need 10 feet (or 3meters) from the hitting point to the screen and, generally, you need 2 meters or 6 feet behind to swing freely….even more if you intend bringing a few pals around for a fourball around the back 9 at Augusta on Masters Sunday! Here’s a good graphic from one of our typical UNEEKOR EYEXO set-ups.

So to recap. If you’re working with a blank canvas we would recommend 3m High x 5m Wide x 6m Length.

If you’re still unsure, get in touch! Or check out our virtual gold SIM BUILDER

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