Tee Up Your Dream: Building Your Home Golf Simulator Starts Here

Golf aficionados, get ready to turn your living space into a golf haven! Imagine honing your swing and perfecting your putt without stepping foot outside. 

The journey to your own home golf simulator begins with a short survey designed to understand your unique preferences and goals. From choosing the right technology to optimizing your space and equipment, these initial steps will set the foundation for an immersive and personalized golfing experience.

Tee up your dream and let the survey be your guide as you embark on the exciting path to creating your very own home golf sanctuary!


  1. Space requirements – If you’re working with a blank canvas we would recommend 3m High x 5m Wide x 6m Length.
  2. Our Virtual Sim Builder will help you select the components required and it will also build in an approximate quotation.

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