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  • On Par Enclosures

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    On Par Enclosures

    Your gateway to the world of home golf simulation just got simpler and more convenient, thanks to the all-new SimSpace Golf Enclosures by On Par. With its effortless assembly, durable fabric and a high-quality, sound dampening screen, SimSpace redefines safety and practicality in golf simulator enclosures, catering to players of all skill levels. Say goodbye to the hassle of tools and complicated setups!

    • 100% Polyester impact screen
    •  Super strong 2-layer fabric
    • HD quality projection surface
    • Sound dampening material
    • Reduced noise levels
    • Walls & ceiling constructed of premium velour fabric

    Available in six different sizes, these enclosures are designed to accommodate any room size, even if space is a premium. Bars are made of steel. ** Please note that both the 3m x 2.5 x 1.5 and the 3.6m x 2.5m x1.5m are now back in stock

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  • SimCube Golf Simulator Enclosure with GTS Ultra Impact Screen

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    SimCube Golf Simulator Enclosure with GTS Ultra Impact Screen

    The new SimCube GTS Ultra Enclosures are a new product design deriving from the original SimCube Enclosure. We have taken the original SimCube and progressed to improve it with a easier/quicker installation time, quicker screen replacement time, new design screen side trims, new bottom tension system and finally incorporating the well known Par2Pro GTS Ultra Impact Screen Material.

    The SimCubes GTS Ultra kit consists of:

    • High Quality GTS Ultra Impact Screen – This is not archery netting
    • Black sides/roof material
    • Protective side screen trims
    • New bottom tension system
    • Bungees
    • Pole connections for the framework
    • Pole lagging for framework poles
    • SimCube Valance
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  • Stealth Retractable Impact Screen

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    Stealth Retractable Impact Screen

    The Par2Pro Stealth Retractable Impact Screen uses the patented SQ Impact Screen coupled with a motorised roller to turn a space such as a garage or shed into a part-time golf simulator studio.

    With the touch of a button the screen drops down from the ceiling with hardly a noise. You then latch a bungee in each corner to ground/wall eyelets and you’re ready to go.

    Some of the features are:

    • Super Quiet
    • Low Bounce-back
    • No Backstop Required
    • Bright White Screen
    • High Definition Picture
    • Extremely Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Commercial Grade
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  • Truestrike Academy Golf Mat

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    Truestrike Academy Golf Mat

    This TrueStrike™ Academy Golf Mat is ideal for Simulator applications that require a center hitting position. It is also designed for golf professionals, coaches and driving ranges where an academy application is required. It’s the best investment for group coaching and is designed especially with all levels of golfer in mind.


    • 2 X Edge Trim
    • 1 X Gel Section (Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround)
    • 4 X Range Mat Section
    • Dimensions –  206 x 130 x 6 cm
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